About Kuumba

About Kuumba

The Flemish-African house Kuumba, in the heart of Matongé, is a place where African cultures and Flemish culture come together for exchange, dialogue and entertainment. Our operation is supported and led by our volunteers, almost all of whom are of African origin, who we give the possibilities and opportunities to develop their projects.

In collaboration with our volunteers and other organisations, we offer a range of activities: language lessons, dance and persuasion workshops, concerts, poetry evenings and jam sessions, film, debate, guided tours in the neighbourhood and exhibition moments.

Kuumba' means 'creativity', and by this we mean the energy and creativity that bubbles up when cultures and communities meet and strengthen each other.

Not only our Flemish-African identity, but also the experience and expertise of our volunteers ensure that Kuumba is alive.  We have the task and the opportunity to be a link between the African community and the Flemish community. By offering accessible activities and the knowledge of our volunteers, we want to promote the diversity of Brussels and Flanders not only in Belgium but also internationally. On the other hand, we also want to be a springboard for Belgian-African talent to the regular Dutch-speaking cultural landscape.

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