For groups looking for activities we have a whole range of workshops: 

  • Dance: this dance class is a workout with dance from Central Africa. This workshop is given by Joseph Saidi Simako. Highly recommended for school groups, groups of adults, in other words: both young & old!*
  • Percussion: this interactive and rhythmic workshop for young & old is an ideal relaxation and introduction to African tradtional music.*
  • Board games: get to know the traditional community games from all over the African continent. This workshop creates fun moments and group feeling. Come with your family, colleagues & friends to play fun games.*
  • iniation language lessons: a fun way to get to know an African language. Kuumba offers Swahili and Lingala, two widely spoken languages in Sub-Saharan Africa.*
  • Decolonisation at Africa Museum: Starting with the 2023-2024 school year, the AfricaMuseum and Flemish-African House Kuumba are joining forces for an educational package on Belgian-Congolese colonial history for students (3rd grade secondary school). At the AfricaMuseum, you can attend the workshop Colonization: Belgium-Congo, which explores the colonization of Congo. How to register?
    Subscription Royal Museum for Central Africa - Tervuren - Belgium (
  • Decolonisation at Kuumba: Kuumba offers a workshop on Decolonization that takes a deeper look at the effects of colonialism on our society today. Themes such as racism, discrimination and stereotypes are addressed. A safe space is created so that everyone can/does speak.*


How to register?


Tel: 32 476 71 37 92


For 1h30: €175

for 2h: €225

* These workshops can be organises on another location.