For groups looking for activities we have a whole range of workshops: 

  • Dance: this dance class is a workout with dance from Central Africa. This workshop is given by Joseph Saidi Simako. Highly recommended for school groups, groups of adults, in other words: both young & old!*
  • Percussion: this interactive and rhythmic workshop for young & old is an ideal relaxation and introduction to African tradtional music.*
  • Board games: get to know the traditional community games from all over the African continent. This workshop creates fun moments and group feeling. Come with your family, colleagues & friends to play fun games.*
  • iniation language lessons: a fun way to get to know an African language. Kuumba offers Swahili and Lingala, two widely spoken languages in Sub-Saharan Africa.*
  • African Hairstyling: Matongé is known for its many hairdressers. In the weekends there are queues at these places to get your favorite haircut. Would you like to know more about it or learn how to braid it yourself? Then this is the workshop for you!
  • Decolonisation: During this workshop, you will be able to listen to each other's views on themes such as decolonization, racism, stereotypes and discrimination. An expert moderator on these themes will be present. This is a safe space for each participant where they can express their opinions and learn from eachother and the moderator.*

How to register?


Tel: 32 476 71 37 92


For 1h30: €175

for 2h: €225

* These workshops can be organises on another location.