WhenTuesday 30 June 2020
LocationKuumba: waversesteenweg 78, 1050 Brussel
PriceFree entrance
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Vernissage on 30.06 at 18.00h @ Kuumba. 

A performance by the artist: "La Danse des discours" will start at 18.00h.




Independence. It is the condition of a nation, a state whose inhabitants and population exercise total sovereignty over its territory. What does this word mean in contemporary Congo? As an artist, I want to explore this question, highlight its depths and experience its heights. I invite the audience to celebrate an independent Congolese dance, an Independen-dance ... between memory and hope (elessness), between music and politics.

On 30 June 1960, 60 years ago, Congo's independence was put on paper. It seems like just yesterday, but also an eternity ago. Since that historic day, the independence process, which began long before that date, is still ongoing... and the colonial stigma continues to proliferate... both in Congo and in Belgium. And both with ex-winners and ex-convicts don't want to see anything, especially not feel anything. The photographs I present, from my series "Explorations", play back colonial scenes and deliberately blur the lines. I discovered these archive footage on the website of the Tervuren Museum a few years ago and they started chasing me... .

 At a time when a new cry for decolonisation is coming from the depths of the world, we must work to get out of this great night. 

Freddy Mutombo


Biography Freddy Mutombo

The Congolese visual artist and photographer Freddy Mutombo graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa and from the Haute École des Arts du Rhin (HEAR) in Strasbourg (France) where he obtained the Higher National Diploma for Plastic Expression (DNSEP) in 2015. Since 2010 he lives between Kinshasa, Paris and Brussels. As a member of Eza Possibles, a Kinshasa-based collective of contemporary artists, Freddy Mutombo has exhibited his work in the DRC, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, Azerbaijan and in Europe (Belgium, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy). For several years now, passionate about history and politics, he has been conducting an artistic reflection and research on the images produced during the Belgian colonisation of Congo. Since October 2019 he has a residency in the Afrikamuseum in Tervuren.



Kuumba 2020 Summer Edition
WhenWednesday 1 July 2020
LocationKuumba: waversesteenweg 78, 1050 Brussel
Price€ 25
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This summer the workshops and guided tours are easier to book and at a lower price! 

Would you like to get to know Matongé better? Have you always been curious about our workshops, but haven't had the chance to try them out yet? This summer is the moment! 


Guided tours 

  • Our guides will tell you about the origins and history of the neighborhood, and let you discover the uniqueness of this colorful neighborhood. 
  • duration: 1h
  • Price: 50 euro

Workshop dance and percussion

  • the dance class is a workout with dance from Central Africa. This workshop is given by Joseph Saidi Simako.
  • the percussion workshop is an interactive and rhythmic workshop for young & old is an ideal relaxation and introduction to African tradtional music.
  • for groups starting from 4 to 5 people.
  • price: 25 euro + 5 euro administration costs

Workshop traditional party games 

  • get to know traditional board games from all over the African continent
  • can be played in groups starting from 4 to 5 people.
  • duration: 30 min
  • price: 25euro + 5euro administration costs

Introductory classes Swahili and Lingala 

  • A fun way to get to know an African language. Kuumba offers Swahili and Lingala, two widely spoken languages in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • For groups starting from 4/5 pers.
  • Price: 45euro + 5euro administration costs
  • duration: 45 min


Annual holiday
WhenSaturday 11 July 2020
PriceFree entrance

Unfortunately, we are closed for 3 weeks during the summer holidays, but we look forward to welcoming you back in August!

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