Benin in Kuumba

7 September 2022 - Kuumba

Benin in Kuumba

To show the diversity and wonderful cultural differences of the African Continent, we are going to highlight a specific country. The month of september will be Benin month in Kuumba! With exhibitions, lectures, musical performances and workshops for young people and adults. All activities are co-organised and accompanied by different organisations, artists and performers.


- 7/09: Family workshop 14h-17h

- 10/09: Official opening with the Beninese drummer, percussionist, composer Angelo Moustapha and the dancer, singer and choreographer Awoulath Alougbin 18h30

- 14/09: family workshop 14h-17h

- 16/09: Kuumba Outspoken with the artist Mireille 8pm

- 21/09: family workshop 2pm-17pm

- 23/09: conference

- 30/09: Kuumba Jam