voodoo/vodun : a lecture

24 September 2022 - @Kuumba

voodoo/vodun : a lecture

In this lecture, we will try to make sense of the vodun religion, delving deeper into some aspects and we will make the link to the kingdom of Danxomé (Dahomey).

In a second part, we explain how the religion was spread through the slave trade in the Americas and the Caribbean and give an explanation of why "voodoo" was diabolised in the West.

Kathleen De Batselier is an art historian by training and obtained her master's degree in Fon art (wood carving) in 1984. She has visited Benin several times and will organise field trips to Benin from January 2023. She is involved in a number of projects and lectures about them in Flanders.

16:00-18:00 for the Dutch version and 19:30-21:30 for the French version